It is now safe to unplug the Cricket A So I have an update for all of you. It currently only supports Windows and Mac OSX; their site specifically states it does not support Linux, although there are instructions on how to get the A working in Ubuntu. Give the representative the MEID number on the modem. Plug the modem into your computer. Click on [Options], then [Preferences]. If a problem develops during the Limited d.

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The representative will then perform the setup process and make sure the modem connects to the Internet properly. Cricket Broadband is a waste of your money.

How to Activate a Used Cricket USB Broadband Modem | It Still Works

Cricekt Broadband Review A Modem http: Cricket is lucky to have such a smart and helpful person working for their company. Im still trying to get it working on Windows 7 on the Dell Mini.

If anyone has solutions let me know, otherwise, I have a battle ahead to get my activation kodem back. Plug it in and it pops up as a USB drive on your desktop with the installer application. I know for a fact however that we did have major system delays in early March due to horrible weather conditions, but also am aware that we did reverse reconnection fees to those customers who brought it to our attention before attempting a 2nd payment on the automated system.


I also had a horrible experience with cricket and a060 not find them to uphold their their representative statements regarding service and terms of contract. In seven rounds of tests conducted in different locations around Philadelphia, the A’s speed was extremely close to the UMC’s. No external antenna jack. Over a few WinXP Netbooks. The representative will input the modem information, check on service availability and make sure the modem works before asking which plan crickrt want to purchase.

Cricket A600 USB Wireless Broadband Internet Modem

Your answer to him doesnt make sense. Page 9 S TEP 2: The Read Me file appears. Jesus Morga — what about the issue of going over the 5g then speed slowing down. Video of the Day. Do you know if Cricket is doing anything about it? A newer version of the modem’s firmware is already on the market that should solve those problems. If the modem is not an old one of your own, tell the representative that you acquired the modem and do not have a Cricket account.

Web surfing is possible. Had to browse the files on the install drive. Here’s hoping Cricket will speed up its network so this device can truly shine—and provide even more bang for the buck.


This process merely takes crickett through the steps to determine if your area has Cricket service and that the modem you have is capable of being activated. It is not necessarily their problem, but it is worth mentioning. If you currently have the A you can go to a full service store and have the tech support replace the current software with the one compatible with Windows 7.


I am considering a purchase of this cricket plan and modem and from your experience looks like it works well in this area!

Press “2” for Cricket broadband. Weve since blasted past the 2.

Audrey Lynn has been a journalist and writer since Activating service on a used Cricket mobile broadband modem takes only a few minutes, but cannot be done online. You have to use the USB ports in the back of the pc to get it to work properly.

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Status Bar The details of your current connection can be seen in the status bar at the bottom of Cricket Broadband interface. Cricket also offers a “hot spot” connection device for home networks as well as a router. Ok signal no disconnects.