There’s no connector on the modem to attach external antennas. Tell the representative which broadband plan you want to purchase. The software also supports text messaging. Give the representative your city and state information. This process may differ from one operating system to another. The representative will confirm that the modem is capable of being activated and service is available in your area. Cricket’s Windows connection application works relatively smoothly, and has a neat feature:

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Cricket USB Broadband Modem A600

The representative will then perform the setup process and make sure the modem connects to the Internet properly. At the time of publication, Cricket offered a 2. The USB Broadband Modem A provides access to the nation’s most affordable if not fastest cellular broadband service. We review products independentlybut we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. About the Author Audrey Lynn has been a journalist modeem writer since The premium plan, isb, makes a home network run more efficiently than the smaller usage plans.

Press “2” for Cricket broadband. Drivers and software are on the device. You can activate your modem at any Cricket retail store or by telephone.

While the company offers new mobile broadband modems models regularly, you can purchase a used modem elsewhere and still sign up for monthly Internet access. Tell the representative who answers that you have a used Cricket modem you wish to activate. A rounded, black USB dongle with green highlights, the 1.


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Video of the Nodem. Plug the modem into your computer. More Cellular Card Reviews: This process merely takes you through the steps to determine if your area has Cricket service and that the modem you have is capable of being activated. She edited a weekly home-and-garden tabloid for her hometown newspaper and has regularly contributed to weekly and daily newspapers, as well as “Law and Order” magazine.

You also get a microSD memory card slot, but like many slots in EV-DO modems it transfers files at about one-tenth the speed of a dedicated card reader.

The A’s standout feature and an unusual one is its on-device signal indicator, which displays signal strength with four bars on the body of the modem itself.

Cricket’s Windows connection moden works relatively smoothly, and has a neat feature: The low-cost carrier’s new USB Broadband Modem A provides a few more features than the older UM model, although the new modem wasn’t any faster on my tests.

How to Activate a Used Cricket USB Broadband Modem | It Still Works

Our review unit showed some minor bugs that Cricket claims were firmware problems. Tell the representative that you wish to activate a used modem.

Remember to tell the representative whether it is an old modem of yours and you have an inactive Cricket account, or bought the modem used and have no account. Mobile broadband modems connect to the Internet wirelessly, and do not require a landline or cable to work.


Warning Clicking on the “Need to Activate Now” button on the Cricket broadband page does not save any time. This process may differ from one operating system to another. The Best Password Managers of Creating one strong password that you can remember is hard enough; doing If the modem is not an old one of your own, tell the representative that you acquired the modem and do not have a Cricket account.

The next instruction is to call Cricket to activate the modem. For instructions in English, simply stay on the line. Hand the modem to the representative.

Morem your debit or credit card information to the representative to prepay for the first month of broadband Internet service. The carrier hasn’t specified by how much, but my suspicion is that you’ll find yourself with the equivalent of a 1X connection, or about Kbps.

moddem Tip Unless you use the Internet for watching movies or to play powerful games, the less expensive plans may work as well as the premium plan.