The speakers give you very nice high and medium range frequencies quite well. The laptop comes with a nice backpack from Targus with Acer logo on it. The moment you start playing games, the rosy picture changes. The graphics processor on a dedicated card would usually support high-end effects provided by the latest DirectX and OpenGL APIs which gives the realism and visual-candy in the latest games. Acer Aspire Specifications.

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Acer Aspire g Review | PC Dreams

Acer Aspire Dissected. Hence it is not suitable while viewing against any direct light source. The Acer G comes with a It all depends on your needs. The DDR3 memory will meet the needs for the fastest and acet volume texture processing that modern games demand. The moment you start playing games, the rosy picture changes.

Also the integrated graphics adpire would be less powerful than a mainstream dedicated one in raw processing power.

Acer Aspire 5542

DDR3 which is coupled to the graphics processor. The MB should be adequate for most gaming and graphics needs, unless you play in the craziest resolutions. The pure widescreen It means you will acfr in audio bliss, if you connect the Acer G acerr a nice home theatre or high-end headphones. You might also get a version with Windows pre-loaded but for a higher price tag. The built-in speakers of the Acer G clearly lacks the bass and was a disappointment during our tests. On the other hand, a dedicated graphics card will usually have a high speed dedicated video memory eg: It has a high-def response time of 8ms.


I highly recommend it for all gaming enthusiasts and graphics designers, owing to the excellent performance of the processor and the graphics solution built-in. The laptop model I purchased comes loaded with Linpus linux operating system command prompt only and eliminates the Windows dependency, which helps the Acer G keep its price down. It delivers brutal processing power.

Acer Aspire 5542g Review

The graphics unit is capable of handling all video tasks including HD video decoding. Though aspiire Acer G gets away with the heat quite well, it would be a good choice to get an efficient laptop cooling pad if you are into serious gaming. But I would say that the GB that comes with the Acer G is generous for most of your storage needs. We will see aspiire it scores in real performance when we benchmark it down the road.

Download Acer Aspire Notebook ATI VGA Driver Free

Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. This laptop is available in India in many online shopping websites at a sub RS 35k price tag. Would it be outlandish to use the Mobility at the very least instead of throwing out the same MHz 40SP solutions?


The Turion is AMDs answer to mobile grapbics, which provides excellent performance while keeping the power consumption at the minimum.

It’s glossy and reflective, as is the bezel, with a native x resolution. The Acer G also delivered consistently playable frame rates in Microsoft Flight Simulator which is gfaphics quite resource hungry game, due to the presence of huge textures and extensive terrain.

With the screen brightness at low, I was able to obtain a 2 hours 50 minutes backup with no audio, video or games turned on. Headphone, mic, line-out 2 x USB 2.

Like most inexpensive laptops, you get what you pay for. This removes the bottle neck and gives the card superior performance. At highest performance setting, you can expect roughly two hours of battery backup.

The Turion II M is fabricated using the 45nm technology. With such reasonable price tag and compelling set of features, I strongly recommend the Acer Graphicz.