For the most part, the majority of the clubs on the market today, look and perform…well…like most every other club on the market, which is why most of the clubs we review end up with B grades and scores in the mids. Thanks for taking the time to come back and fill us in on your testing. Mid-High S 3. Put in the new Fuji Motore Speeder — the club is now amazing! They are the real deal, plus Adams offers 2 different RIP shafts for this driver that are both in the gram range. MTW 8 years ago.

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As a tidbit if you’re wondering which shaft is which, the Gamma has yellow dots in the eyes of the skull graphics.

This driver is exc ellent for control and distance of the tee, I have been gaining extra yardage in the bargain too: The sound of the club face is solid but not to much and I have added yards on my average drive.

Check it out folks. Have mine shafted up with an Qdams S3 M5 on an 8. Skip to main content. Im also looking to buy the Wilson FG V2 irons. P-Gunna 8 years ago. What else could longer refer to but distance? If forgiveness is important to you, the F12 or F11 would be a better choice. Like we often do when we receive a new club, we tested the specifications against the manufacturers stated specs. I currently own a with a UST Proforce stiff flex shaft.


Adams ls DFS Driver Review (sort of) – Page 2

I never heard of the driver until finding this review! Bill Kesel 8 years ago. They all went around for me and relatively solid performers. Based on the above, you would be correct. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Its so buttery asams solid. When that review was complete, I came out of it thinking that the Fast 10 was probably just another driver that would get lost in the shuffle as the season progressed.

The low spin advertisement is accurate. I usually hit that on the screws but the draw driver aspect of that club drives me nuts sometimes giving me a hook once in awhile…. Initially I was not greatly impressed with this driver, however, as with most golf clubs once you use it for awhile you become familiarized with the club and it seems to work better.

I tried the LS simply because of this review. Although I play to a 4.

Adams Speedline 9064LS DFS

I will however caution that the dgs thing I found with increasing the shaft length is you have to make sure you change the weights in the head to match.


I love this driver! This driver is absolutely beautiful at address and gives you a high level of confide nce.

Xdams most hit their driver. I have the and absolutely love it. Overall, with the right shaft for your swing, this is as good as any driver on the market and hands down better than most. If you’re a good player and can find the sweet spot more often than not then this is a fatastic option. With those, the torque is too high and the 90644 of the driver as a whole is too low for my swing. Thanks Matt, though my emotions got the best of me…. As you may have already discovered on your own, there are other golf blogs out there which habitually give great reviews to nearly every product they review.

I remember reading somewhere on here several days weeks? Jay Dundas 7 years ago. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.