This compiler hint appears when the case of the parameter name for a C Code Entry differs from that of the corresponding parameter in the exported C function. Multiple errors may exist. SymbolDesignator is the designator of the parent sheet symbol. Ports offer more features than Off-Sheet Connectors, including the ability to add Port Cross References , which adds a SheetName[GridReference] to each port, referring to a matching port on another sheet, as shown in the image below. Examples of incorrect syntax would include:

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Creating Connectivity

IEE Floating Point addition 7. The record, which appears as part of the violation message, is in the form: As you click on a net in the Net section of the panel, the section immediately below will display all signao pins that are attached to that net.

Note that the Violations listed in the Error Reporting tab correspond to the compiler hints alltium see in your Schematic Documents when a violation occurs. A Wire is analogous to a physical wire. Harness Connector Type cannot be Blank.

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Navigating Components on the Board As you click to locate a component on the schematic, you can also locate that same component on the PCB.

On the schematic, the Net Tie component has two or more deaigner, with each pin connected to the nets to be shorted. Our header files are static or dynamic library 1. Place the unused part and connect its inputs to ground.

Violations Associated with Nets

Customer Success Our customers can pn found changing every industry; see how. IEE Floating Point addition 7. Altium Designer is the tool of choice for creating the next generation of smart, connected electronics products and devices.


If the component designator is changed at some stage, then when the design is recompiled that system generated net name is also changed and these changes must be passed between the schematic and PCB to keep everything in sync. Making things is awesome.

Component ComponentName has duplicate sub-parts at Location1 and Location2where ComponentName is the name of the offending component in terms of its designator and library reference Location1 is the X,Y coordinates for the first instance of the particular sub-part Location2 is the X,Y coordinates for the duplicate instance of the particular sub-part.

This column is displayed by default. This issue typically arises when the size and orientation of the sheet is changed after object placement. Determine the correct ordering and amend the naming for the erroneous object. Typically, a particular board NanoBoard, Daughter Board, and Peripheral Board will be declared within a dedicated mapping constraint file this file is produced for you if you have used the auto-configuration feature. Resolution of this issue is on a per-component basis and also depends on whether a component contains multiple sub-parts.

As well as creating logical connectivity within a schematic sheet, there are also objects for creating logical connectivity between schematic desiner.

Check the entry in the sheet symbol’s Filename field. All sheet entries in the parent sheet symbol must be synchronized matched to corresponding ports on the child sheet.

U11 74HC32 PartNumber is an integer used to indicate which specific part is not being used e. This compiler hint appears when the case of the parameter name for a C Code Entry differs from that of the corresponding dedigner in the exported C function.


A design is referred to as a flat design when the connectivity is created directly from one sheet to another sheet, it does not pass through Sheet Symbols on the parent sheet. If you are not an active Altium Subscription member, please fill out the form below to get your free trial.

This violation can arise in a number of situations. A net identifier sibnal to create connectivity to other Net Labels with the same name, on the same schematic sheet. Making things is awesome.

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Missing Positive Net for differential pair PairNamenegative net NetNamewhere PairName is the name of the differential pair for which a negative polarity net has already been defined e. If the design does not fit onto a single schematic sheet, it can be spread over multiple sheets. You can download a free Altium Designer Viewer license which is valid for a 6 months.

For other net identifiers, they name the net if the appropriate option is enabled in the Netlist Options section of the Options tab of the Options for Project dialog.