One common cause is having a Linux kernel older than 2. By default, the UPS reacts to distortions by transferring to on-battery operation to protect the equipment that you are plugging into the UPS. This program is invoked by the make install scripts, or it is explicitly done for those systems that do not have chkconfig 8. You can read the complete reference on configuration directives Configuration Directive Reference , but if you are setting up a normal standalone configuration you should only need to check and possibly fix the first three items listed below. Shutdown apcupsd if it is running. These servers can be thought of as secondary stand-alone server.

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If this happens, or out of precaution, you apcupxd edit the c: In the s the technology moved to Absorbed Glass Mat AGM where the separators between the lead plates are made of highly porous micro-fine glass fibres which absorb and immobilise the acid and prevent it from spilling.

This control is done by modifying the file: I’ve sent a PR for adding apcupsd on pfSense 2. Login using “apc” for both the username and password and the following menu will display:. Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it’s disabled i. To implement this feature, you need to add the -p option to the apcupsd command line that is executed by the system.

An example could be the following:. This event is generated when the mains power returns after a powerout condition. In principle, you should be able to do this with the computer powered by the UPS, but if you wish to be completely safe, you should plug your computer into the wall prior to performing the runtime calibration. In order to support unattended operation and shutdown during a power failure, it’s important that the UPS remove power after the shutdown completes.


If all goes well, the ‘. If these values are not set correctly by default, please change them otherwise apcupsd will not work. To add additional monitors, you can right-click an existing icon and choose “Add Monitor”.

After apcupsd is stopped you may invoke apctest as root. If you were to reboot your computer during the grace period, the UPS could then suddenly turn off the power this happened to me.

Our philosophy is to shutdown a computer but not to power it down itself as opposed to having the UPS cut the power as described above.

apcupsd.conf(5) – Linux man page

Perhaps you’d be willing to look in that new thread? SmartUPS models only support bits Alternatively, you can add your own script file that will be called before doing the commands in apccontrol. This creates a potential problem where the UPS may kill power to any connected servers before these affected servers’ halt scripts complete a successful shutdown. At this point, you should verify that in the event of a power fail apcupsd properly calls apccontrol.

Item 2 will perform a Battery Runtime Calibration. Even though the Win32 version of apcupsd is a port that relies on many Unix features, it is just the same a true Windows program. For other platforms it is recommended to check your vendor’s package repository and third party repositories for recent binary packages before resorting to building apcupsd from scratch.


State change of bits 1,2,5,6,7 are reported asynchronously with? Please note that we are not sure the following diagram is correct. Slackware systems are fully supported, and by following the standard installation instructions given above, you should experience few or no problems.

Thus, unexpected power less has to hit very narrow timing windows in order to trash an EXT3 transaction. It’s fundamentally stupid and self-defeating, but it’s the kind of stupid that tends to sound good at an executive meeting.

(5): apcupsd config file – Linux man page

Problem USB driver linux-usb. If you do not observe these messages, you should correct this problem before proceeding with additional tests. To get the usb package and support in those versions either set the.

This allows the unattended UPS to reboot the system when power returns by conyinue the system. If after a self-test, the UPS does not detect that wlthout battery has been replaced, you can use apctest to do a soft battery runtime calibration. It will create a new icon for each instance being monitored. Since the volume of data is rather large over bytes per statusthe STATUS data is not automatically sent to the system log file.