Q The setting of present time, password, user ID and pass- word of communication, and HDD settings partition set- ting are not reset. Under this condition, the unit gives priority to Line 2 for the duration of the overlapping period, from To change setting during recording, stop recording in case of normal recording. N Field Advance Click to display a still picture one field after. Q The magnification display function can be used only during single screen display. I took some pix of the heads.

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Press the front panel button of the needed item number or left click on the needed item.

Check the timer recording settings and recordable time recordable days in the overview screen. Grounding or Polarization This product is equipped with a 3-wire grounding- type plug, a plug having a third grounding pin.

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O Audio cannot be played back when changing the playback interval. When selecting “Go” Select the desired language. Originally Posted by neddyboy. To prevent occurence of such problem, it is recommended to use uninterruptible power supply. When the picture cannot be loaded, use the [Folder] command in the [File] menu to select the picture folder to be played back. Boot-up the unit When executing Setup Wizard: It is not displayed next time.


The disc awy fly into pieces and cause injury. Pictures are usb-3008mv in or out according to the selected magnification.

In the second stage, you can select a camera to display. It means, more detailed settings are possible, such as changing the recording rate of the camera of which the alarm signal is input while leaving the normal recording settings as they are.

Handle this unit with sufficient asj.

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So if bad audio is on line in you could tell that. Is there a hole in the housing I didn’t see? The frame of the designated area displays in ush-308mv and the areas being set become colorless. To perform with normal recording, set “Alarm Mode” to “Alarm Plus.

Use the standard USB mouse which has left and right buttons as illustrated to the left. For subjects related to tape itself, see the Open Reel subforum under this one. O When you close the menu, press the E button or left click on “Return” or “Exit. Select the communication mode. O The copied data is transmitted in 2 MB units.


Covert Camera Function It is possible to hide pictures of selected cameras that are installed in sensitive areas and should only be viewed by authorized personnel. Outputs signal during playback. Q The magnification display function can be used only during single screen display.

Usb-308kv the normal recording menu. This will avoid video and audio distortion. Put the cable to be clamped through the cable clamping band as illustrated below.


Registers the password of level 3. Set the desired settings and then select “Execute. Q When a menu screen is displayed, the single or split screen display does not appear. You can save the picture being displayed as either a Windows bit- map file.

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This item is automatically set depending on the input of the camera or the controller. This unit is equipped with 5 search functions. The corresponding camera number button lights up.