Build does not need modding for full support. A good place to go for latest drivers is station-drivers. So, I restarted with the default boot options and the modern Gnome menu and desktop appeared. The cost of such dongle in my country – 0,9 EURO. Kindly help me to resolve this issue. Many information when goggling about the bug but is any workaround? Linux is like wigwam.

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I moved the audio level slider up and it made the “pop” sound to confirm the change. Users browsing this forum: Board index All times are UTC.

Build does not need modding for full support.

After several reboots – the problem return. KMix also does not azalja for example stereo output. This is provided by Lenovo: Linux is wti wigwam.

I dont know manufacturer of this dongle this is original “China No Name” but there is an output from lsusb: I try alsa tools like: It’s much better to go directly to the manufacturer of the device in question, in this case, to Realtek. Any idea how to resolve the problem? So in my meaning it is a bug.


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But the audio was still working. Many information when goggling about the bug but is any workaround? Still KMix shows only “deaf” output as a master. The question is which one in particular case. So I think, something wrong with audio driver. Mageia forum share the magic Skip to content. Probably it is old bug with origin in Mandriva sources or KDE.

Download Realtek High Definition Audio Driver for Windows 10 – Driver Easy

It’s a French site, but pretty easy to navigate: Just dont want to waste a time for sudio bug in Mageia. Hot, bubbling magic inside. May explode or cook your kittens!

X and Google Assistant. Same goes qti display drivers etc! Audio Adapter And link to the portal I bought one sorry it is in Polish http: The only thing i can recommend ari at the moment is to run Windows Update to see if any drivers related to your mother board are found, if it does and you are lucky Realtek High Definition Audio Driver should show up as well,then install them. OK just a question after you are finished installing Win 8.


I don know why, but only audioo output is available on KMix. After several days, my computer once again booted with no audio support.

It was well known bug aprox 5 years ego, but i think still present in M3. Kindly help me to resolve this issue.

The latest Realtek driver I know about is currently build a Realtek 2. Realtek High Definition Audio drivers R2. The only problem is that i dont know how I done it Info about the driver: