You’ll need to make some minor adjustments for the non-pico version. It can be found at www. Hello all, since I’ve been helped by so many knowledgeable and generous people here, I wanted to give back a little on what I’ve learned. I also wanted to add. I have never any special firewalls installed except the internal one from Windows. Now since two pinholes line up with the ribbon stripe, look carefully for a triangle symbol.

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Board index All times are UTC. I think Atmel has some debugging to do.

Go to “drivers” 4. Srudio your did like mine and went ahead automatically and installed the stinkin Jungo USB drivers anyway, then you’ll need to do the follow: It’s easy to get it working For the arduino the following changes are needed: It all comes down to locating PIN 1 — which is always located on the side of the ribbon with the stripe.

ELEKTOR FORUMS • View topic – Atmel Studio 6 won’t communicate with D20

At least you have given me a clue to what else I at,el try. I know this is ancient thread, but i had to register just to thank you for this post.

If you need to replace the Jungo driver and windows still won’t let you although you’ve uninstalled all of Atmel Studio like me. I tried the AVR ateml bit calculator http: Then I tried to install it on a Windows 8. From reading the user guide Quote. Today I have tried to re-run de Atmel Studio installer in Admin-mode, but that has not helped me yet.


I also wanted to add. I swear at one point I was ready to hang the MKii on a post outside and put a bullet through it! The triangle will point you to PIN studuo, and thereafter you can make out the orientation of all the other pins. Open up the programmers.

Atmel Studio 6 : Manually installing Atmel USB driver from the installer executable

Different hardware could mean different USB driver chips with different electrical characteristics. On my newer machines, this doesn’t automatically happen. Today I also tried to install the Atmel software on a WIndows 7 32 bits machine. Since you have hardware on which the connection works as well as hardware on which jubgo connection does not work, all other things being equal, I would suggest that you try using a USB cable with a length of 15 cm or less on the hardware where the connection is failing.

So I decided to install it on another computer, same system Windows 7 64 bits. Rebooting, restarting, un plugging, nothing works. Note this microprocessor runs at 10MHz not 8MHz as listed in the above fuse bit calculator.


Not sure what to try next. Please provide more instruction on how to get over this fuse bit hurdle. If this is the case no driver changes are needed and it works with both AVR studio and Arduino. No virusscanner, internal firewall disabled.

How to configure the Atmel AVRISP MKii to work with Arduino IDE

It communicates with the D20 only on one the slowest. DigitalJohnson Full Member Posts: I noticed that it didn’t install the Jungo WinDriver automatically, so the manual procedure was necessary.

You can either use one of the other, not both atnel the same time. This helped me to recover my arduino mega from forever upload loop that many people experience.

That might explain the difference, since the D20 board obviously has a borderline USB connection condition. So, concluding, I have one old machine running on WIndows 7 64 bits that is able to communicate with the board.