Functions Item Types of document Max. The bias output switches between the DC and AC drive circuits, in response to the bias switching signal dpi equivalent from the CPU. Sets the left and right margins and designates the 2-page spread copy size. Has the paper been set properly? Charging the magnification ratio

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They are shown below. Some LEDs leak a small amount of current even when normal, and therefore glow faintly even when they are off. In situations where placing the unit in direct sunlight is unavoidable, it is recommended that curtains be hung to protect the unit.

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Accordingly, when only one cassette feeder level is attached, the structure will be like the figure above with the bottom two levels removed. Be sure not to touch or open the light-blocking shutter. DC controller PCB 1 Remove the printer unit from the main body see page for further information.

I wil keep coming back for sure.

Sets the margin position left margin, right margin, top margin, bottom margin and also the margin width 1 to 10mm. NO Reconnect the connectors. As show in figurein the case of a document with a coloured background, by lowering the density range compared to a white background, the coloured background is erased.


Designates relay origination transmission. An example of a memory clear report is displayed below in diagram The scanning lamp irradiates the document and the light from this is reflected by 4 mirrors, converged by a lens and then transmitted to the CCD. For these reasons, please handle these batteries with sufficient care. The image becomes faint due to moisture condensation in the scanning assembly glass, mirror, lens, etc. Delay jam The copy paper has not arrived in the sensor area within a stipulated period of time not detected by the sensor.

The construction of the paper size switch is illustrated in the diagram below. Registration sensor delay jam Following the activation of the pick-up sensors in each of the cassette feeder levels, if the paper does not arrive at the registration sensor PS within the designated amount of time, a registration sensor delay jam has occurred.

Removing the canpn assembly Instruct the user to return used cartridges to a designated collection center. Replace the transfer charging roller. Type Relay test key pad.

Do not use the other print patterns, as they are for factory and development use. Decrease it so that it is as close to 15 ms as possible if detection fails because of such effects as echoes as when communicating with an overseas party.

ARD5WT,and more. Is bbit trouble resolved when the registration clutch CL is replaced? CCD unit 1 Remove the 2 installation screws, remove the copyboard glass stay, and then take out the copyboard glass. However, the voltage value will differ depending on the electrical circuit. After this list is printed, the system automatically deletes the stored management information.


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When the main cahon rotates, the bti drive relay gear rotates simultaneously. Part Name Part No. When there was no detection of the zero cross signal temperature control reference signal after turning on the power of the main unit.

The bias output switches between the DC and AC drive circuits, in response to the bias switching signal dpi equivalent from the CPU. When the timer is set to other than 32 minutes, refer to the following page and set the appropriate time. Therefore, it is not possible the verify that a single relay unit is damaged by looking at the display.

In that case, refraining from use of the machine for as long as possible will result in almost complete recovery.