I also recommend calling in your order rather than going through their website, as they have very prime special offers only available by phone. It also detects if you are typing in a password in web pages, so those can be remembered as well. The viewing and color is good from even very awkward angles view large image. Ask any UI designer and they will tell you that the four easiest points to hit are the four corners. It supports the wireless A, B, and G formats, so you can be assured connectivity where ever you go. They are easy to press and look great embedded into the brushed aluminum. Games are very enjoyable, and I did not notice any distortion while playing with maximum volume.

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For software, with Ubuntu, you get all critical software such as a web browser Firefoxemail client Evolution, though I prefer to use Thunderbird, which can be easily obtained through either Synaptic or the Gnome Application Installeroffice productivity software OpenOffice. I have not yet tried Ad-Hoc mode, but hope to get around to doing so later this summer.

Right side view of HEL80 view large image.

Compal HEL80 Review (pics, specs)

Touchpad view view large image The touchpad is nice. The touchpad is nice. Overall, it is an excellent system that offers exceptional caera and design at an affordable price. The battery life of the HEL80 is one of its many strengths. I have yet to call technical support for a problem.


Compal HEL80 Review

Do you already have an account? Right side view, left to right: In terms of grayscale, horizontal viewing angles are excellent. The cursor can easily be moved back into place after scrolling, but the complaint is worth mentioning.

Above the display is the integrated 1.

It is also a great way to secure your Windows log-in. I do notice better automatic network detection under Windows XP, however, I believe this boils down to configuration and software in Ubuntu that I simply have not found time to futz around with yet, as it works well enough far more often than not. The top of the notebook is a silver plastic with much of the surface area a brushed aluminum veneer that I find quite attractive without being flashy subtle, subdued.

The HEL80 has one large fan in the upper ca,era corner of the notebook. An external audio solution will easily bypass this issue for audiophiles. The HEL80 is one of the best built notebooks currently on the market, and is an ideal, mid-range system for gamers and power users with a need for portability.

[ubuntu] Webcam and live tv on Compal HEL80

You can see all at http: As is fairly standard, Media and Quick Launch buttons are located around the keyboard. Heat is not much of an issue with this system. Ordering a notebook at PowerNotebooks.

It was probably due to a faulty hardware or software installation, but I could not lose any more time trying to fix hel880. It supports the wireless A, B, and G formats, so you can be assured connectivity where ever you go.


Compal Electronics HEL80 Free Driver Download (Official)

You’ve all helped me get this far in only a week. The dedicated vertical scroll area to the right of compxl main touchpad area comes in handy and I find myself taking advantage of it extremely frequently. Front view of HEL80 view large image.

I highly recommend this notebook to anyone whose preference defers to performance without totally sacrificing portability. The media keys located to the left of the keyboard and prove quite accessible. The brushed aluminum design really gives the notebook a touch of class and its own unique look.

The warmest area of the notebook is the top of the touchpad and the areas cammera to the left and right of the top of the touchpad. I think this is another case of an artifact in the notebook from an earlier design. A Core 2 Duo processor would undoubtedly give slightly higher benchmarks scores, but nevertheless here are my results. For the more subjective part of this section, I’d like to start by saying that I find the HEL80 to be a good looking notebook in a subtle, understated sort of way.