They make a lot of noise when clicked and just feel cheap. If there were no extended battery option, I would not have bought this laptop nor would I recommend it to anyone. The Inspiron m has two speakers that are actually built into the screen and project sound forward towards the user. But for some this reflective quality of the screen will be so annoying that you d prefer to have a regular screen that s dimmer and non-reflective in nature. There are no dedicated audio buttons located on the laptop. The widescreen is extra good for DVD viewing and, although the resolution is quite high and you can t fit a ton on the screen, the widescreen allows you to view two windows at the same time with relative comfort.

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Small keyboard — The keyboard is not full size. The machine is all silver except for its white trimmings that add a touch of class.

fenderTech: Dell Inspiron m/m can’t read 2gb SD card

Front view of Dell Inspiron m view larger image. The speed of the system will be discussed later on. The only program I kept was the DVD viewer. Inspron keyboard makes good use of the FN key. The touchpad is also very big — it takes up almost the whole space between the space bar and the edge of the laptop. When I first plugged in my headphones, there 7000m a hissing sound that accompanied whatever I was hearing.


You can get a maxed out machine for very cheap these days. Also, there are no shortcut buttons for such things as volume or DVD playback, this is so standard on notebooks today that it s surprising not to see them. The only glare I find is when the screen is all one color, otherwise, I can barely notice it. The and are of course less mobile.

Dell m next to an iPod for size comparison view larger image. The m never slowed down once.

Dell Inspiron M Specs – CNET

Things that could be improved on the m include the keyboard and touchpad. In fact, you can even remove the optical drive when the machine is on!

It took 2 minutes and 10 seconds to perform this task. But to be fair, one must consider the fact that Dell had sdhv crunch the keys of the m into a much smaller area than IBM did for the T40, so sacrifices in usability are expected in order to save on space. When you turn on the computer and get past the all-black Windows XP screen, the glare disappears. It is priced very competitively if you use coupons checkout http: Dell Inspiron m keyboard and touchpad view larger image.

It was annoying, but after I changed from the Sigmatel audio drivers to the Intel inspirpn, it was gone! However, it s hard to get fine control using the touchpad to do such things as scrolling scroll bars.

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However, as is almost always the caveat with laptop speakers, the sound is somewhat tinny and if you turn up the volume a lot it starts to sound bad. There are some white trimmings on this notebook so it has a clean look and does borrow a bit from the styling of Apple s PowerBook. I have pretty big hands.


My advice is to just pick up the 1. Good news, the optical drive is modular on the m, as is the way with most Inspiron notebooks. This notebook is also a good size for business people that need to travel or just want a smallish notebook that can easily be transported between work and home. Usually a notebook from Dell will ship quicker, but when it s a new release you can expect a longer time on delivery. This is unacceptable for a notebook that is designed to be taken and used easily for travel.

I find it fine, but if you suspect you might find it small, check it out at a Dell kiosque. Either way, the m with its small It only looks odd compared to the standard battery. I found the learning curve highest for keys I have to reach down to.