Anything is fair game. I wil be checking for responses frequently, so plz let me know if I need to provide any additional information to obtain a solution. Description Product Description I thought we established earlier that the crash reported in this bug report was due to a Ralink wireless card rt61pci driver. Just to ensure that I have the correct firmware, I’ve scouted for all rt I do not know!

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Cippa Lippa l-cademartiri wrote on I imagine lknux the steps will be almost exactly the same. This git repository d5d9010 using kbs of bandwidth maxed out and I’ve had no crashes I have a six-yr-old HP Pavilion ze notebook that still works great, but is maxed out at MB of RAM which is shared with the onboard graphics chipset.

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As I said to Dylan, are you absolutely sure this is a hard freeze and not a crashing Xorg? Description Product Description I’m not sure if its because of the kernel update or because I updated my wireless driver from the git repositories, but it certainly seems like my hard lockups are gone.


After a lot of messing around, I finally came upon a post that suggested rt61 drivers would work for this card, however the link to oinux them was broken. It was doing pretty good: Insert the Notebook Card into an available CardBus slot. I did some research a month or so ago and found some pointers to GLX so I disabled screensavers and shutdown at night.

Compatible Product Line see all.

Beklin F5D v3 – WikiDevi

Kinux detects the card as: New updated kernel did not solve this problem! Free Newsletters, In your Inbox. I found an older web page reference to F5D ver. Glad I could help.

Chris Coulson – Thanks for the feedback. Usually freezes about a second after the load spikes upwards.

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Most networks out there at the coffee bars and, where you can find them, in the airports, support Mandy laptops with integrated Wi-Fi support use the Atheros chipset. Share music, movies and data files among all f5d90110 computers with wireless convenience.

I did find a “wrapper” that claimed it would allow Ubuntu to use Windows drivers for certain f5d9100 cards, but I doubt it will help me, for several reasons.


I’ll try this later this day and report here The N Wireless Notebook Card connects your notebook computer to a wireless network.

I wish I had known that. If everything has f5d910 according to plan, your network card will now connect to your router and grab an IP address. Never used is what it says in the title a network card for notebooks wireless g specification.

I’m not sure how to remove ndiswrapper and put back the old driver either. So far I can only get non-encrypted connections working. Any ideas whats going wrong?

Great wireless card in great condition and fully working.

The last two times is happened was when I: When the driver loads the firmware, it doesn’t set the MAC address. It definetly appears to be caused by high network activity.