Behavior may change in future releases. There are substantial advantages to this new approach. CommandTimeout property to set a query timeout value on an ODBC statement as demonstrated with the following syntax. Net Guide As well as a specific citing of your read example here: Several of these are supported. Simply set your options and forget about it.

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Help please! 32 bit Faircom ODBC in 64 bit

Increasing this setting increases the amount of temporary table data the c-treeACE SQL stores in memory instead of writing this data to the disk-based swap file. For precise applications, or to embed these activities into an application, the user is invited to view and inspect this source code example. Scroll plhs and find the Faircom Folder. Look Faircom odbc driver downloads found at wforanar.

Faircom C Tree Plus ODBC Driver

If the migration structure is not provided to the MigrateTable function i. The compiler and c-treeACE paths will need to be adjusted for your particular development environment.

There is no special ordering of the tables. The import utility expects the configuration file to be located in the same directory as the import utility executable file, and that the current directory is set to the directory where the import utility executable file is located.


If cttrnmod is used to disable full transaction logging for a file, it also disables replication for that file. Setting this value too small will result in error PutDoda has the following syntax: So I would expect you’d. This introduces a change in behavior fairxom/c-tree existing applications because this switch is now-case sensitive.

This feature is supported only on the Windows operating system.

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The numfld parameter indicates how odc data fields are in the DODA, three in the example above. More importantly, it avoids modifying any binary files, which can break package checksums, for example. Shared libraries are loaded dynamically while the program is running.

These phenomena are defined as follows: Faircom is working on ODBC drivers for ctree. The MigrationInfo structure is defined in migrfncs. You seem to have CSS turned off. The AES encryption standard may be required with some forms of data, such as that used in the health care industry such as to conform to U.

It can be modified, however, the first byte cannot be set to 0xFF or 0xFE for fixed-length data files, as these are reserved values. It is possible it will be necessary to restore from a backup to return to a previous state. This is the amount of memory to use for the rebuild default is 50Mb.

Use this parameter to pass in those values to fine tune your specific JVM environment. Linux is a trademark of Linus Torvalds in the United States, other countries, or both. The C RTL time value is a number that represent the number of seconds since a given date in the past. When loading a DLL under Windows, the system looks through a faircom/c-gree of directories, as follows: The File Definition Generating Utility A utility has been created to aid in the process of creating a configuration file with table, field and index definitions.


The source code for this utility, ctsqlmdd. By default the c-treeACE SQL callback dynamic library will try to locate the configuration file in the current ovbc. The appropriate c-treeDB callbacks are established.

Actual procedures will vary depending upon your applications, data, and needs. Example The following example demonstrates turning off transaction control for all c-tree data files and their associated index files in the rdsdb database: As the JVM gradually allocates additional heap memory, the process space can grow quite unexpectedly.

If updating records at the ISAM level, care should be taken to preserve the semantics of these fields, as described above.