System Settings Procedure User Mode While still in System Administration mode, you can still carry out normal operations such as copying and scanning. Remove the jammed paper. Remove the toner cartridge by gently pulling it towards you. Mailbox Viewer 2 Using Mailbox Viewer 2, you can import documents stored in the machine’s mailbox without using any application software. TEL — Use this interface to connect an external telephone receiver fitted with an extra G3 kit optional.

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Value Font Pitch — Default: Make sure that the xeox Settings] at the [Items] you changed is the newly entered value, and select [Close]. In the center of the document feeder, set the document with the side to be copied top side if 2 sided document facing upwards. Detailed Settings Here you can rename files and configure processing for conflicting filenames.

Select the setting value. Page scanning facing pages onto separate sheets. Stored programming not only remembers feature settings, but also can record a series of operations.

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Output Format Printed Covers A blank sheet of paper is attached as the cover. Action Connect the network cable to the computer.


Page Specify the save destination to save the files. Scan Options Scan Options This section describes setting the scanning xwrox of the fax document. Are you trying to copy irregular shaped documents, business cards, transparencies, or thin Registering Stored Programming Stored Programming can record up to 40 features.

For information about the print area, refer to “Printable Area” P. Unable to Print Describes solutions when unable to xeros.

Follow the instructions displayed and remove the jammed paper. Select [Enter First Page Number].

Page Cautions and Limitations Notes on Receiving Mail Depending on the data in a received iFax document, it is possible for there to be insufficient memory, or for printing not to be possible. Do not use aerosol cleaners. Trouble during Fax Trouble during Fax Describes solutions for problems encountered during fax. Glossary 18 Glossary This chapter describes the glossary provided by the machine.

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Use only drum cartridges recommended by Xerox for the machine. Degrees are described by the number of graduated steps.

To leave a feature unassigned, select [Not Set]. Page Common Settings Auto Clear If a given time period elapses with no operation, the machine automatically returns to the initial screen. Trouble during Printing Cause The printer is connected to multiple computers.


Set a value from 1 to KB in 1 KB increments.


The features and services that can be managed on the machine are as follows. This library is free for commercial and non-commercial use as long as the f360 conditions are aheared to.

When frequently copying nonstandard size originals, by presetting a nonstandard size, it is not necessary to enter the original size each time a copy is made. Product name Description Automatic document feeder This automatically feeds 2 sided originals from a stack.

No printing at the relay station Relay Station ID If in doubt, have the outlet checked by a qualified electrician. In the event of a current leakage, the breaker will automatically cut off the power circuit to prevent any RESET button leakage or cuji from occurring.

If the error persists, contact our Customer Support Center.

Select [Auto Tray Switching].