Added GPS status to the list of configurable data fields. Added ability for user to chose between displaying the numerical degrees or a directional arrow for bearing on the Aviation Nearest pages. Changed approaching waypoint alarm message to show the next course, if available Corrected problem that could cause incorrect course guidance after navigating an on-route goto. Fixed display of night flight duration on Flights main menu tab when the time display is set to hours and minutes. Simplified fuel timer control on the timer setup tab page.

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Still, the visual warning display could hardly be more graphic.

I too cannot believe Garmin would discointinue this unit. The horizontal- and vertical-position refresh rate is limited by the frequency of GPS updates, one per second.

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Added support for ADIZ airspace. You can even select an entire segment of your GPS track and drag it right back to its correct location on the map! Fixed issue with Indonesian Southern grid being located in the wrong area.

If I needed another unit I would gramin this one.

Corrected issue in previous software revision that could cause some unit settings to be restored to defaults. Please take me back.


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Corrected display of cardinal direction on map page when measuring distance. When projecting a waypoint, the navigation context is now consistent. Improved operation of flight log when a heliport is near the departure or destination airport and the aircraft type is not set to Helicopter.

Added ability to select a particular map family when performing an address search. GPS coordinates are easy to mis-type.

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This GPS device is also sufficiently water-resistant for its marine mode, where it can be customized with optional marine cartography.

Fixed shutdowns while driving in Automotive mode without a route active. Improved handling and display of routes created on the PC and transferred to the unit.

I cant write this rev iew without mentioning the nearest function for pilots, in a matter of three seconds a pilot can choose between all his or her landing alternatives in a matter of three seconds. Improved handling of deleted Jeppesen data points. Added display of terrain and obstacle garrmin cycle numbers. Improved functionality of Aviation In serial data format.

ExpertGPS allows you to calculate acreage in three different ways: Calculate area by tracing over a map or aerial photo. Improved automatic zoom behavior of terrain popup map. The gives you the option of knowing what terrain is ahead of you. Changed Data Card Information page into Map Information page to include version information for all map data basemap and aviation databases.


These upgrades are specific gzrmin the specific GPS units and software versions listed. I am a VFR pilot an I love it. Improved display of garkin depth contours in Marine mode.

If you are updating from a previous software version, this software may clear user memory. By downloading, installing, or using this software, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the following garmij agreement.

Garmin Corporation “Garmin” grants you a limited, non-exclusive license to use the upgrade software “Software” in binary executable form in the normal operation of the applicable Garmin products. Fixed problem with gpsap icon not showing up for all saved autoroutes.

All USB-based eTrex no serial-ports. It displays your route over realistic topography. Added City tab to Aviation mode Nearest pages. The active tracklog holds trackpoints.