You will not be seeing them while swinging the club, so the design of the backside of the club rarely influences my decision on a club purchase. So on course, the club seemed to strike the ball very well but then again, the clubface is so big how could you miss the sweet spot? They all think that the gap from 40 to 48 was to large. Thanks for G15 graphite feedback. I also use a tour ball.

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My golf game has gone into the tank. Infocus, these things bite even the 6 iron hops and stops with the right move. So far, PING had kept its promise: I am Medicare age but do not like graphite shafts because IMO they perform erratic, especially in the senior-soft-regular flex.

Firstly let me say one thing, ignore what you might read about the way these irons look, once you’ve hit them the looks will be the last thing on your mind!

No gokf that choi and others have been playing these. I got fitted today.

Ping G15 Irons Review – Golfalot

Your email address You must enter a valid email address. These Irons are forgiving and give greater accurately than any iron I have used in the past. They look and feel good and give you confidence to clbu your shots. The hybrid if you have not tried one,do so,the best and straightest I have ever hit and it goes a country mile.


On the toe of the G10 there was a loss of yards. Personally, I always seem to struggle with wide soles, especially when it comes to tight lies. The G10 does just revkew.

Today’s Golfer

Coincidentally, our first child, Pimg, is having her first The standard grips are ok at best but after changing it to Dri Tac grips it made a big difference. Really hitting the ball well, and consistent.

I hope this helps. The graphics on the back of the club face are interesting enough, but not overly distracting. The Ping G15 Irons are certainly a case of evolution not revolution and Ping have not forgotten the traits that made the G10 irons so appealing to so many people.

They are said to be one of the most forgiving revjew they have made.

I can stare at those pictures as long as I can spare time. Not to be Choi.

PING G15 Iron Review

Moreover, when I tried to hit a slight draw or a slight fade the ball stayed almost dead straight. Shots hit thick with the G10 had a loss of yards.


No doubt these irons have helped me get a lower handicapp and enjoy the game more than I’ve done before. Today we are going to have revie closer look at a website that offers a handicap tracking service. Black and Red really look nice on the brushed dark stainless head. K15 with a wider sole?

Any one on the fence about these sticks MHO is to get off and go grab these sticks because you are missing out on a sweet set revirw sticks. Within a dime of the sweet spot both the G10 and G15 had a minimal loss of distance.

Ping G15 Irons user reviews : 4 out of 5 – 12 reviews –

I just bought these today. The almost rough finish to these cast irons is very cool in my book. On the simulator, I narrowed it down to the TM and G Solution change to a light graphite shaft appeared to be the answer. I bought these a month ago after getting custom fitted at a ping demo day.