This is not due to a scanner malfunction. The point requiring attention is described by an illustration or text within or next to the symbol. Document guides Use these guides to determine the position of a document when you load the document. Switch on the PC. Select the destination folder for installation. Basket Receives the document that has been scanned.

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Insert the end of the wire so that it fits into the hidden slot on the lower level. However, some variation in color intensity may occur, depending on the type of document scanned. Do not use any chemicals to clean the sensors. If there is no discrepancy, color correction is complete.

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Select a user-defined document size or standard size if the same problem occurs after a number of retries. Please contact your sales representative or nearest Graphtec vendor for information on supported add-on cards.

Prohibited Do not install, use, or store the scanner in a location subject to excessive mechanical vibration or electrical noise. Is the scanner properly grounded?

The correct document size pc be detected when a carrier sheet is used because the carrier sheet is detected instead. The color correction sheet is a consumable item, and replacement sheets can be purchased from your sales representative or nearest Graphtec vendor. Normal status Local status. Keep away Avoid water areas Beware of electrical shock Do not place heavy objects on the scanner. Such prohibited graptec is described by an illustration or text within or next to the symbol.


Check that there are no vertical streaks, such as white patches, in the scanned data. Remedy An internal error has occurred. If it is not grounded, there is a possibility that noise will cause incorrect operation, or that the scanned image may be distorted.

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Flashes while image data is being scanned. Determine whether the cable connector has any problems e. Image-processing functions Use of the scanning software provided lets you set ia200 functions for the scanning of a document. Always lift the unit by holding the underside. Contact your sales representative or nearest Graphtec vendor. Colors may differ slightly for individual sensors to make it easier to identify problem areas in calibration.

Always hold the scanner by the underside. Even if [No] is selected, you can still proceed to the registration window by clicking When entering the IP address, enter both the [IP address] and the [Server Name].

In the case of scanning the following graphhtec of media, always place the document in the carrier sheet before loading it into the scanner. Repair work by inexperienced personnel i2s00 extremely dangerous. If document scanning produces unsatisfactory results unexpected white or black streaks in the data due to scratches on the transparent contact plate or other reasons, please perform the calibration procedure see Section 5. The edges of the document cannot, however, always be detected correctly, especially if the document is thin.


Scanning may be affected if the underside of the document hold-down unit becomes scratched or dirty.

If you detect a surface flaw or a missing accessory, please promptly contact your sales representative or nearest Graphtec vendor. Lights when the scanner is turned and remains lit while it is operating normally. It is not normally necessary to perform this adjustment.

Correct operation is not guaranteed when the scanner proo connected to a USB port that is not the standard built-in computer port. Two or more identical IP addresses may cause network problems. Are both the USB and Ethernet cables connected? Do not place any receptacle containing water or other fluid on top of the scanner.