Your advice worked perfectly. I came away from the Printing Summit with a lot of new ideas. Finding no existing printer drivers, I adapted Mike’s GIMP Print plugin to this six-color printer, and by the end of the year released version 3. Diggory on Oct 06, ’08 I get one print job done and then it goes off line.

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Perhaps some clarification of terms is in order. Chas on Oct 06, ’08 Canon is a trademark of Canon USA.

Output that had been considered impressive with using six colors was put to shame by four color output. Anticipating that the next major release of Gimp-Print would be a more extensive project, we gutenprjnt to branch the 4.

My OS is Lion…. This release created a lot of excitement in the OS X world and for us, and we did three more releases in quick succession culminating with Gimp-Print 4.

User profile for user: Have a look at the answer in this threat of Gutenlrint Root, there you can find a link, called Gimp-Print.


LSB is a trademark of the Linux Foundation. You may be able to find help over at https: Nano 7 – backgrounds GPL free software User support: Macintosh OS X Users! New as of January 3, ! This package is available in source form, and also in binary installer form for Macintosh OS X New as of June 17, !


Finding no existing printer drivers, I adapted Mike’s GIMP Print plugin to this six-color printer, and by the end of gutebprint year released version 3. Oct 26, 3: Visit other IDG sites: The following printers now support color printing: New as of May 6, ! By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Looking over some of the older comments, it looks like a few people are having similar issues.

Therefore we do not provide PPD files for download here. Latest HP software has been installed via Apple’s software update, we also installed the Gutenprint 5. Diggory on Oct 06, ’08 This was after a lengthy period of trying the Gutenprint solution, talking to HP support and a whole hour on the phone to Apple trying all they had gufenprint offer.


Old Parallel (LPT) Printers and Mac OS X | Ian Lotinsky

Epson Stylus printers in particular are supported in all resolutions and modes, and the latest printers are capable of producing prints that rival gutenpdint prints in quality.

I put the Gimp-Print development tree on SourceForge starting with version 3.

Gutenprint mailing list at SourceForge voluntary. FU on Oct 07, ’08 Where gutenprknt obtain an universal driver for this and another scanners?. Eric Root Eric Root. Gutenprint is Sourceforge Project of the Month for November, ! We started work on Gimp-Print 4. A change to color output that affected some printers as of 5.