H ” I downloaded Windows 10 a couple of weeks ago and today was my first time to access 5D and I got the error like everyone else. So wonderful to have technical people out there that can help us novices. How can i learn the activation code again. H ” Hi Gary, Thank you for this information! Had I not discovered this fix when trying to download it on my laptop. H ” I have been having the same problem as above. For the most part I don’t like the 6D embroidery system – too expensive and not as powerful as I would like so I usually use another program.

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H ” Thank you! It worked like a charm. H ” Thanks a bunch man! Thank you so much for your help. Got it downloaded fine but then got that nasty Hasp error. Thanks so very much. All to no avail. I purchased a new laptop windows 10, I tried many, many times to install 5D Embroidery program from my CD it would not work!


H ” Thanks so much.

Please enter your name. H ” Thank you so much for posting this! Some posts said to try to go to this url in your browser: Following your procedure I downloaded the driver zip file, extracted it right in the download folder and ran the exe file.

Sentinel Downloads

My 6D did this after working for a long time. I was reloading my 5D software and kept getting the same errors you described in the blog.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! This absolutely solved the problem I was having. I googled my error and your post was the first item I looked at!!


H ” Thank you so much for this information! Almost all the comments indicate success. After the update the dongle would not work!! Yesterday, the computer did an update.

Dongle ID number available. Please add 5 and 1 and type the answer here: H ” I have had 5D Professional downloaded to my Windows 10 desktop computer. It loaded and shows that it is running. No need to be fancy, just an overview. The driver installation did the trick and worked perfectly – I was able to get my wife’s use of her machine back “up and running” for her sewing project creating personalized pillows for our daughter and her college roommate as a graduation gift.


I too have a Surface Pro 3 and the first time I loaded all worked without a hitch Had I not ghi this fix when trying to download it on my laptop. I called software for help, still couldn’t get it installed until I came to your comment on how you solved the problem it worked for me!!!!

Please enter the correct word.

Sentinel HASP/LDK driver

Thank you for the solution. H ” It workedGreat!! I just got a new Windows 10 computer and ran into this problem. However, I DO use it for monograms.