There were not many drivers at the time of my visit 2 links. DV offers lots of interesting and useful features to its users here. But as a rule, Hewlett-Packard takes its warranties very seriously. I’m glad that wrist pads never get hot. My attempt to find drivers gave this page.

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I liked how easy it’s to display and hide the playback menu. Let’s start with additional buttons. This aspect of the notebook is a joy. The remote control contains quite a lot of buttons to control the player as well as to navigate your notebook.

That is users will have to perform this test at their own cost. I can only note that selection of authorized service centers by towns does not work, you have to browse the general page. It combines a lot of advantages and few drawbacks. Indeed, movies look very good.

On the other hand, this solution is acceptable for a desktop notebook, because it’s open on a desk most of the time. Battery time for DVD playback is two hours sharp. It’s very convenient and you can always have it at hand. The front panel houses only indicators and audio grilles, plus the Altec Lansing logo.


DV has five of them, they are located in a horizontal row near the power button. It can easily perform a wide range of usual tasks, it looks good on your home desk, it’s attractive, and it offers luxury audio!

Pay attention to reflections in the panel.

Hewlett-Packard DV – Home Multimedia Notebook with High Quality Audio

The player is quite simple, controls are rather convenient, there are not many settings. The remote is not very ergonomic. The main advantage of this model is luxurious Altec Lansing speakers, way better than in all other competitors. BioShock Infinite and Metro: Write a comment below. When the sound is on, the LED is not alight. Secondly, its audio quality is higher. So, I have no gripes with the layout, all keys are grouped in the standard convenient way. DV is a home multimedia model.

It also seemed to me that the keyboard had minimal backlash in the center, it’s so insignificant that there are no negative side effects. The touchpad has two buttons, very soft, the click is not loud.


Some of them are included into this article. But the situation with vertical angles is not that peachy.

Drivers for HP Pavilion dv6000 notebooks card readers

But Vv5000 didn’t test it. Interestingly, numlock is enabled in combination with Fn. DV offers lots of interesting and useful features to its users here.

Representatives of the company announced that they couldn’t scratch the lid. In my opinion, it should have been done vice versa. If you press this button alone, scroll lock will be enabled, but the indicator will remain dead.

Especially at the price of this notebook. I really appreciate the assistance.