July 24th, 5. It has a phone number. Join Date Aug Beans 7. So I can’t tell you whether or not it was a bug in your program. Apparently, these two Modems share the same ID as E Maybe it will be necessary to compile the kernel? Speaking about Linux releases, Ubuntu is based on Debian so I think you shouldn’t have difficulties.

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An update on the subject: Manfred Hampl m-hampl wrote on Now, just executing wvdial in a terminal should get you connected.

If people are actually finding this post and using the script I’ll update it to be more user friendly. In the end I was able to establish a connection to the world wide web via umtsmon!

Other posts, here and in other forums, had instructions that didn’work for me. I’m a complete rookie and have no idea where to start from, can someone tell me how to get the the modem working.

There’s a config file, but I found it far simpler to just use command line arguments. I had this problem huaweei. Because this connection doesn’t run through network-manager, it confuses firefox a little.


Modem/3G – Debian Wiki

Wed Aug 13, 8: This was originally written for Gentoo Linux which compiles everything from source. In Etch I ubunntu the 2. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. Luca Ottaviano blackbudda wrote on Bus Device Extract it to a directory somewhere safe. Advanced users are challenged to edit the wiki to improve the advice. To make sure, read carefully installation script and, if needed, tweak it.

So, my question is: This bug affects 4 people. I tried it on my laptop HP with out-of-the-box Ubuntu Hardy and on my eeePC model with ubuntu-eee and it works on both, so I assume it must work ubuntj I remember this used to work automatically before If unsure, check with the groups 1 command.

There’s no good guide out there for the e at the time of writing. I’ll keep you informed.

Hardware Support

EDIT I do not know if those linux drivers are redistributable. Install the packages netbaseifupdownand ppp if you don’t have them already: I am also assuming that ppp0 is your dialup and eth0 is your lan.


Then reboot, or run sudo udevadm control -R and insert the modem. Your help is highly appreciated. In the logs I’ve seen similar messages to bugdmesg attached start from for example.

After installation your system sees E as a very fast USB modem, so you start and end connections using wvdial command or, more likely, Gnome-PPP graphical GUI This said, to get your E to work, you must have at least basic skills with console that is “command prompt” in that other OS. Looking for target devices No target device found Looking for default devices No default device found.

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