In addition, sequence numbering assigns command messages with their corresponding response messages. The term “virtual” is used to express that the USB-ICC may be envisaged as removed from the interface device although it is still powered. The time interval is driver dependent. The value 10 is the size of the header for control transfers: Used interchangeably with Smart Card. In case of a failure, an error code will be returned. The response APDU begins and ends in this command 01h:

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BIFIT BIFIT ICCD Smart Card Reader how to download and install the driver

Failed, error condition given by bError. Control transfer mode is supported by two versions, version A and version B. Returns the ATR in the smratcard stage. Also returns information created by the preceding request. For idcd, bus enumeration and suspend shall not cause any transition. Indicates if the response is complete, to be continued or if the command APDU can continue Size of abData field of this message 00h: The time interval is driver dependent.


Download and install BIFIT BIFIT ICCD Smart Card Reader – driver id

The value of wLength shall be greater than or equal to 4. The response APDU begins with this command and is to continue 02h: The value 10 is the size of the header for control transfers: For extended response APDUs: Therefore, these two requests are always represented by two arrowed boxes: The maximum number of bytes present in this body. The maximum number of bytes expected in the data field of the response APDU.

If the card is not responsive, the value 80h will be returned.

The least significant bit reports: This section defines the class specific requests smartcatd control transfers. The following tables give the values and the parameters for each of the class specific requests and describe the data that is transferred between host and USB-ICC.

Smart Card ICCD version |

Little endian is a method of storing data that places the least significant byte of multiple-byte values at lower storage addresses. Its size is 0, 1 or 3 bytes.

Used interchangeably with Smart Card. Zero-based value identifying the index in the array of concurrent interfaces supported by this configuration. Size of expected data to be returned by the bulk-IN endpoint. P1, P2 INS parameter of a command header.


It smqrtcard return less.

Smart Card ICCD version 1.0

Instead, it uses class-specific protocols on the interface level. Alternate settings are not supported. All messages transmitted over bulk endpoints start with a 10 byte-header, optionally followed by data. It may have the values in Table 6.

Not relevant, fixed for legacy reason 6 bSeq 1 FFh Sequence number for command. It is not the result of an OUT message or request received from the host. The sequence starts with the Smartcad already powered.

The USB connection device is out of the scope of this specification. See also the state diagram in Figure 7.

USB electrical interface and operating procedures 1.