The results were astounding You could lose 1 mph in clubhead speed but still pick up more than 3 mph in ball speed just by hitting the center of the face more frequently. Could you please post average path, club face, and face to path numbers for several top Tour Players? If you get more speed, all things being equal, you get more distance. Ball position during setup, according to the PGA, also influences everything from ball speed to launch angle and spin rate. The optimum number is a 1: Already have an account?

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I suppose you could consider this the “new” or “true” or “other” sweet spot, if there were such a thing. I am trying to recuperate my game after a back injury sustained in an auto accident a couple of years ago and wanted to get some numbers on a launch monitor and get fitted for a ball since I ideql I lost a lot of clubhead speed just how much was depressing.

No idea where that balance is with mph ball speed. Posture’s Effect on Path” Right Now! Since that time he has completed over 15 feature-length screenplays. Again, any help is greatly backkspin as I feel I have reached a angoe in scoring improvement due to my limited distance off the tee compared to where I used to play my second shots from. By using this website, you consent to the use of cookies on your device.


Why is golf so hard?

The Average Spin Rates, Launch Angle & Ball Speed for Golf | SportsRec

Remember the golden rule above? Downcock Pump Drill to Increase Lag. Lose the Right Hand for More Distance. If you don’t hit the ball in the sweet spot, have too much spin, too low a launch, etc. Does Trackman recommend those that have higher swing speeds to hit down on it for straighter direction? I understand this data is pretty old, released soon after the time when trackman first came out.

The general rule of thumb is: He has tracked all the shots on the us tour for years and also written a book Every Shot Counts about it Reply. Now, let’s say I catch one on the heel, still hit it well, but it’s not a really solid strike, just a “good” shot, my ball speed drops to mph. laumch

As you can see, the R5 in a stated 9. According to Bridgestone’s parameters, I seemed to be worse as far as the launch angle and spin goes despite gaining a very slight increasae in distance 0.

Well, let’s first define sweet spot. Is there any data available from the Senior tour? Material advances and composite technology have nearly rendered steel obsolete.

Consequently, the average male player typically sees a ball speed of to mph, a spin rate of 2, to 3, rpm and a launch angle of 12 to 16 degrees, according to Shengolf.

While Bubba’s numbers are ideal for hitting the ball as far as humanly possible, he is hitting the equivalent of a “flyer” off his driver on every shot. Could you please post average path, club face, and face to path numbers for several top Tour Players? Click here to login. Thanks for the generous offer and quick response this forum ideql always impressed me with the quality of its participants.


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TrackMan Average Tour Stats

Pull in the Golf Swing: This high launch and shot shape is normally what I see on the course although I have lost quite a bit of distance I have gotten my game almost to where I used laujch be prior to my accident with rounds consistently in the low 80’s and high 70’s. Workshops Coach of backspkn month Tour Stats Contact. Third, the ball MUST be contacted fairly high on the face.

Were some data change on this site? Callaway, TaylorMade and the other major manufacturers have developed technologies that allow the face to effectively flex across a larger area. I will try to sort out some of the particulars with another more indepth monitor session this time at GolfTec before infringing on anyone’s generosity.