Long-running XA transactions were rolled back after 10 minutes under very rare conditions. If you update the question with more of your config and the code where you make the DB call, maybe someone can spot the problem. The scrolling is very fast in this case. You need to test the performance on the console. You selected a large count of data row count or field size and you use a forward only, read only ResultSet without a cursor. If you use the Scrolling Cursor Type:

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The Connection tryes to reconnect to the same server with the same properties.

The bug there is a time displacement of one hour for some hours of the day. The ODBC driver only accepts trusted certificates from a known agency.

After this exception add the new driver. This doesn’t work for execute or executeUpdate.

Fixed a possible unnecessary cancel if an exception occurred on prepare or execute. You use a JDBC 3. Threw a NumberFormatException before.


If a row is locked then the SQL expression will wait on this row. This can occur with triggers.

Manual for the MS SQL Server JDBC type 4 driver MERLIA

The property charset is case-sensitive in JAVA. The information whether the ResultSet cursor received data had been erroneously evaluated before the fix.

If you use the Scrolling Cursor Type: Those Connection can be received from: In very rare conditions the follow exception can occur: This can occur when you restart or reboot the SQL server. Changes are detected by comparing all nontext, nonimage values. You can find more information about this topic in the file View the Manual and the current Release Changes.

When two expressions of different data types are combined by an operator, the data type precedence rules specify which data type is converted into the other. You can find the same text in the file TdsConnection.

IBM How to connect named database instance using SQLServer and sprinta – United States

The method sequence Statement. Empty strings in CacheRowSet changed to null values after serialization. A value of 0 means an unlimited live time. It seems that the index for the numeric column won’t used with SP4. The option is case sensitive. If iner SP call was prepared then the first call did not return a output parameter.


The execution will be slow.

Support for setting an IPv6 address as a host name. Can i get a java. You don’t need to install a certificate when using SQL Server You’ll see the request that you just made in there.

How To Solve: Error in the TDS datastream with i-net MERLIA driver connecting to Azure SQL database

The ways differ in speed and safety. However servers can be configured to listen on any port number. This property can also be seen in the system table sysprocesses.

Values and choices were added. Connection will be closed. Connection failover was expanded to set more than one failoverhost.