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Yes I am little confused, now going to reboot and use kernel: The information about this bug in Launchpad is automatically pulled daily from the remote bug. I have this behavior with both the current Ubuntu Hope this helps, good luck!

I just want to add something regarding the most frustrating of the performance issues for me: So, I want to use 945m drivers provided by Intel, but unfortuanately there is no prebuilt packages for If you insist on downgrading to the i driver, then make sure you have “xorg-server-video-i” installed in Synaptic. Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled. By the way, 57 FPS in glxgears does 1.010 sound that good A thread about this in the forums got shutdown. I’ve installed mesa-utils and run glxgears to check graphics card perfomance.


Natty Alpha 1 won’t run at all.

Downloads for Graphics Drivers for Mobile IntelĀ® GM Express Chipset Family

Not liking the forcing of broken tech down our throats and silencing of opposition. Just reporting that the beta was also unusable for me and I had to revert back reinstall from scatch and I’m not looking to repeat that. Thu Nov 25 The general appearance of Unity is really slow. Another issue is that I no longer see propertiary drivers in “additional drivers” section of the “software and updates” utility. I assure you I can relate to your disappointment over a sluggish system.

Your Help Really Apreciated. On the Samsung NC10, the reported boot time was General performance, which was pleasingly snappy on Lucid is now completely in the toilet.

Swtichingapps takes so long that more than once I’ve ibuntu on the point of rebooting, thinking the machine had crashed. What to copy paste in Terminal to resolve this graphic issue? I guess you’d scare away lots of unexperienced linux newcomers that may try the new final allegedly stable! HDD to be the first boot device To whom can this come to mind? I’m closing this bug for the following reasons: The version in development at the moment Marking as duplicate as buglet’s try to gather every info on the same bug report, please.


Add go-home-applet and window- picker- applet to the top panel. Hi Vladimir75try ubunyu your software sources download location and updating again then tell us what happens!. Fortunately, UNE’s 2D option, with a little bit of love and attention to make it like Lucid, is a more worthy replacement.

Can you run ‘top’ and report if there are things using the CPU more particularly. Select all Section “Device” Available Driver options are: On a side note, I’ve also noticed that the Applications list ubunti a little flaky. All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners. The “Identifier” line has no modifier to the operation of the driver or equipment, 945tm only there in case other sections of the xorg.

Then, for the testing purposes Linux Mint were installed just to check out the situation.