Blu-ray Players by Ty Pendlebury May 2, Sometimes, even though I believe my mixer is properly set – I get maxed out audio distortion yet the mixer never exceeds the yellow. Good luck if you decide to pick up one. Recording Features Synchro Start. Blu-ray Players by Ty Pendlebury Jun 7, The data code, embedded in the original Digital8 recording, showing the date, time and camera settings, couldn’t be called onscreen, when I played back the DV re-recording.

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I’ve found my unit to be reliable and use it to play back MiniDV tapes to my TV – instead of using the camcorder. Its a solid piece of equipment for Video producers that have clients that still have virewire to work with.

I just now received a tracking notice that my VX has finally been shipped, after the dealer who shall remain unnamed, unless he diddles around some more held up on sending it for 8 days, just to clear a cashier’s check I bought at my bank mistakingly thinking this would speed-up the process.

Answered 3 days ago.

With the timecode it added, I then was able to do an upload over FireWire to a harddrive and the DVDs I’ve made from it, hr-dvvs3 show much sign of its ordeals. At this point, I am so pleased with its performance, that I’m feeling a bit uneasy.


Always connect units to the same mains connection to help prevent this There are two types of reset to TVs. If you want to make it a system reset [Factory Reset]; you have to enter its service mode option, and select the factory reset option.

We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. Then, I take good care of it and never allow anything to be put into it, if I don’t know everywhere it’s been.

This is not a simple, consumer VCR, as it has many complex features. The studio has been slow to embrace the newest video disc format, but Baby Groot and company could open the floodgates.


The rewind and fast-forward of the DV deck is faster than that of my Digital8 equipment. I’ve had to have no repairs done to it.

The footage came from an 8mm camcorder and was 2nd-gen. Thanks for taking the time to post your review. May 25th, The easiest way to induce this unwanted condition is to connect one unit to an outlet on one wall, and then connect the other unit to a whole different outlet.

JVC HR-DVS3 Mini DV / S-VHS VCR | eBay

Show More Show Less. Answered on Sep 19, All times are GMT But, anyone who needs a DV VCR to supplement and prevent extra playback wear on a camcorder and has no wish to spend bigger bucks for it, might consider this model.


The JVC is its designated cut-bear, as I think its sturdy tape mechanism may be better able to withstand a bad tape. The output from the DV recording deck went into my big monitor. h-dvs3

Answered on Aug 24, Blu-ray Players by Ty Pendlebury Jun 7, My policy about head-cleaning, is to never do it until a recorder shows signs of needing it. Len, my “sequel” will be delayed another week or so before its release date.

Mini DV/S-VHS Combination Deck – HR-DVS3U – Introduction

It doesn’t clean the whole tape pathway, so any cleaning that would be needed, should be for doing that, plus lubrication. Port Washington NY Posts: Precision Camera Austin, TX.

Read full review Verified purchase: If you use cable or satellite for programming, you’d never notice a thing, as it would tune them just nvc. After all, how many of us don’t record and watch a few TV shows after our hours of editing labors are ended, late at night? Skip to main content.