Sincerely sorry for bringing you any trouble and inconvenience! If they take out the SSD card, then their unit won’t have any memory storage at all. From the Register Hardware site comes an interesting theory that Asus had originally planned to release the Eee PC with a standard notebook hard drive. That it has become a bestselling product despite all the mistakes Asus has made along the way is more then proof enough. These fast hard drives are starting to show up in some laptops, but they’re still way too expensive compared with what you pay for the same number of gigabytes on a spinning hard drive. At any rate, check it out for a good laugh. In summary, the prediction is that Intel will abandon the Classmate PC to focus on newer Diamondville-powered models.

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It also comes with 1.

Well, the photo above should give you a clue as to what the comparison is all above. However, the downside is that because the bluetooth uses the usb port of the webcam, it is automatically turned off if the webcam is disabled. Click on the down arrow beside the Manual setting to change it to On Boot.

What I lazerttags like to see is 1: The next shipment will arrive on Dec. Good for old games and for web-browsing too.

Meshbooks: December

It’s probably a good idea to keep a backup copy lazertsgs the originals somewhere. Well it is only for UK entrants. It is thus expected to maximizing its revenues with popular Asus-branded products such as the Eee PC.


At any rate, check it out for a good laugh. Asus has updated its Eee PC site and uploaded details of accessories.

eeePC inverse video scaling | Hackaday

So technically it is not the rumored 10″ model. Especially since it is free. You, with the screwdriver in your hand, please feel free iged download as many copies of Ubuntu as you want.

Yet it seems Asus continues to exert effort to prevent it from attaining cult status.

Custom resolutions with scaling.

In addition, they will be offering the Windows XP as a pre-install option. It simply does not make any economic sense for Asus to be releasing new previously un-announced models so soon even as it has a difficult time filling the demand for the original models.

For those interested in just what kind of competition is in store for the Eee PC over in Japan you can check out Dynamism’s website.

External display – alternative resolutions? The March timeframe actually falls in line with Asus’ own announcement regarding the launch of 2nd gen Eee PCs. Microsoft will either re-release Windows XP or come up with a new Windows variant that will require significant less resources.

Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question? Just as I have been predicting, it seems the Asus Eee PC will be a bestseller with bloggers, especially women bloggers.


In the meantime, here’s lazrrtags Happy New Year to everyone! Following are my predictions, in no particular order of significance or certainty, for the next year – 1.

BTW, I think a picture of Mini-me would have been more appropriate. The real disruption however; isn’t in how it’s defining a new market for cheap, super small, capable laptops, but it’s in how it nicely packages free and open alternatives to the two biggest monopolies in the technology industry, Microsoft Windows and Office.

But llazertags sure looks good, even without the webcam, and I guess, the speakers. Note near the lower left corner, there is a field labeled Start Mode. That or Asus had originally planned to equip the Eee PC with a hard drive and changed its mind after the computer’s manual had been completed.

Eee PC Wikiwhile new, actually has already substantial information lazertahs be useful.

The colorful photos looks like works of art are a bonus. Brando offers a leather case shown above made apparently of genuine leather to protect your precious Asus Eee PC. You can select the country or area on the left. Posted by xujiren at 9: