Secure Data Disposal 1. There are something like six different names for XD technology, depending on who it comes from. You may unsubscribe from these newsletters at any time. The interesting magic is, therefore, in the process of updating the contents of the PCRs. With the stylus and interactive display technologies in tablets, manufacturers try but usually fall short of approximating the feel of a pen traveling across the surface of page. Most notebook manufacturers offer some kind of back and recovery feature, but the one that comes built into the Thinkpads is very well done and, once you have it at your disposal which requires a bit of setup , there are really no excuses if you irrecoverably lose your data.

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PCRs cannot be set to a given value. Some updates involved a double click in Windows. This way, when the keyboard’s escape button is buried under the display when in tablet modethere’s an easy way to back out of menus and dialogs that may have been activated with your finger or the stylus. Windows 7 Update Module Lenovoo Intel plans to add a TPM 1.

Draft N is a version of the wireless LAN technology that, in practice, is expected to deliver mbps of throughput 4x the practical throughput of Like other tablets, the X60 can be operated with a stylus. xx60

Navigation ptm Personal tools Log in. Biometrics — the “who you are” part of multi-factor security — are especially useful in certain verticals where tablets apply.

You agree to receive updates, alerts and promotions from CBS xx60 that CBS may share information about you with our marketing partners so that they may contact you by email or otherwise about their products or services. Recently, my Thinkpad had some hardware problems that adversely impacted the TPM to the point that, even though I had not activated it for system authentication, it had self-activated and I was unable to get past it during the boot-up lenofo making diagnosis of the problem difficult if not impossible.


ThinkPad X60 Specs – CNET

Trusted Platform assurance with a TPM 1. ThinkVantage Password Manager 4. The eight-cell battery weighs 1. One downside of TPMs — they amount to additional complexity on the Thinkpad’s motherboard that could lead to trouble.

Lenovo’s X60 Thinkpad: A perfect balance of tablet portability, notebook functionality?

It is not easy to use, either: Depending on what you were doing, there was no single way to do it. But always, I come back to the Thinkpad even though their displays have occasionally failed me.

Although it’s not true of the entire Yonah lenoovo of processors, both the L and L processors include Intel’s VT hardware-based virtualization technology and Execute Disable Bit. For example, in addition to the aforementioned XD security technology in the Duo Core, all of the X60 tablets are equipped with a Trusted Platform Module TPM and a fingerprint reader for biometric-driven authentication and access control.

Now, Lenovo has achieved a degree of intergration between its Web site and its customers’ systems that takes all of the friction out of keeping an X60 or any other Thinkpad fresh with the latest drivers.

When found in combination with biometric security measures, D60 can really help lock things down. Among the many roles that TPMs can play, one of them is to encrypt and retain login credentials for the system itself as well as for applications including Web-based ones. Not even an external optical drive is included in in the base cost which means you have to add one.


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Others required a reboot to DOS. It has some registers called PCRs that are used for trusted platform attestation.

A brief affair with a Dell Latitude. On x600 performance front, the X60 was inexplicably slower in CNET’s multitasking and Office productivity tests than a similarly configured system the Asus S6F with a slower processor and slower memory see benchmark chart below:.

Another compelling reason to consider Lenovo’s Thinkpads has to do with their system update technologies. A special exception in battery design had to be made for the X60 tablet in order ,enovo accomodate the swivel that enables the display to be flipped around when putting the X60 into its tablet mode. Rescue and Recovery – Master boot record repair kit Unfortunately, hardly any Web sites have gone x660 the trouble of integrating with TPMs.

An HP Omnibook here. Views Read View source View history.

It is an integral part of most of the modern ThinkPads. One possible source of the delta could be the extra cycles that the Tablet PC version of Windows XP needs to monitor the tablet’s digitizer for events eg: