Did you solve your “unlock scanner” problem? I might add that my brother-in-law is a tech expert at a major university and could never figure out the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune I suffered with this printer. I think its deporable that a company as big as this will not help its customer, by phone or on line Then return the printer to the upright position and reapply the power supply. Lexmark X83 – multifunction printer color d

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Lexmark X83 – multifunction printer ( color ) Series

Thank you I have to go get another drink now. My mother’s mf doing the same thing- not sure why but if you pull out the printer cartridge and put it back in, it seems to fix it.

If someone could call me and go over my problem I would pay for the phone call or reveres the charges. What is the transparent encoder strip? After that lxemark error message keeps coming up. I cannot see the card to pull it out. If the printer fails to print, remove both cartridges and try the test again.


Or even so i don’t have to buy the software??

I bought a printer,but it didn’t come with software. The printer says unlock scan bedit is unlocked and wont do anything!

I have had the “Unlock Scanner” message twice, I unplugged the USB and power cable, then worked the red lever on the back up and down severa times. I am running Windows Xp and can’t print in color. The Lexmark does copy however. The printer does’t really print, it just runs no ink will come out. I wish you all the best of luck! They mean “there is a short in the cartridge so turn off your printer before you have a meltdown or do some other damage”. I have installed new cartridges and they are banging up against the side of the printer when I turn the power on.

I keep coming up with error Use the arrow buttons to scroll through the options until Self Test appears. Have you received any answers? Using rubbing alcohol and paper towel clean the strip.

I’m not so stupid, but seeing all the above I guess I have a printer problem too, rather than an “operator problem. The transparet is the most important thing to fix it.


Nothing else from this company for me. Please phone me and revers the charges at The problem is to long to type out. Unplug the printer and turn it onto its left side. That’s Expensive by any standard.

There was a reply from NUKL47 that x38. I resolved it by just opening the front flap and closing it again and it solved the problem! Disconnect the USB cable from the printer and your desktop and reconnect.

Lexmark X83 Driver X download for Mac | MacUpdate

Just flip the switch to unlock. Call Lex Tech Support and get help to fix the encoder strip. I cannot seemt mr get one. I Just thought I post this so that you know there is hope When I get the carrier timeout or carrier stall message, I open the door and manually move the carrier the mechanisim that contains the print cartariges back and forth along the metal rod.