When it connects to the desired one, nm-manager shows being connected to the previous one still. Miguel Silveira mips-sapo wrote on I usually separate the MACs by linefeeds but any character works. This bug has been corrected in recent apmd RPM package in Rawhide at the time of this writing. Also, if you would be interested in testing the upcoming Intrepid Ibex 8. I can happily say goodby to the Cisco proprietary configuration tool. The first one is a bootable partition, that seems to contain the PC Doctor diagnostic program 8MB , in an expanded form.

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The Cisco driver does not support Linux commands such as iwconfig.

The T40 is not shipped with a recovery CD, but instead contains an hidden area on the hard drive, that contains all needed data and programs to restore your laptop to its factory settings with formatted disk, and installed Windows XP. I reworked a bit my patch to airo. I previously used the linuc package to improve the security of my wireless connection. Evidently there is a Windows tool allowing you to modify the xiro, but if you already nuked your win32 partition, you’ll be in a pickle. I timed the compilation of a 2.

I made some tests with my gigabit AT network switch, and the performance results are blazzingly fast. MIC also is disabled in this driver and completely untested. Installing airo-linux drivers in fedora 5 for cisco aironet to run kismet.


Note that this patch also works on a 2. With my 80GB drive, the HPA starts at cylinder linix, and a cylinder contains bytes, as reported by fdisk, so I backuped the data with this command:.

airo: use is_zero_ether_addr() and is_broadcast_ether_addr() [Linux ] – Linux Kernels

The goal was to obtain the same stability with driver than with the one from cisco. Enable the harddisk to spin down when it’s been idle for a given time.

The problem was related to bad video RAM. The memory errors are currently only detected with the memtest86 program. Cisco Aironet problem.

Linux source code: drivers/net/wireless/airo.c (v) – Bootlin

The configuration of the driverloader is done through a regular browser, you select the. The interest of this approach is that latest gpm does have support for the Ultranav synaptics. Email me about changes to this bug report. You should then be able to test via a LiveCD.

Nevertheless I had airl change due to other issues. BAP setup error too many retries May 25 I discovered recently that both ide-cd and ide-scsi where loaded concurrently, which is unnecessary. Probing for PCI adapters [ Bug attachments logs taken from original comment edit Add attachment. I received my new laptop hard disk, so I linu test the restoration of the predesktop area on this new drive, using the information provided in the IBM white paper, and the previously backuped area from my other hard disk.


WepKey This file allows all four wep keys to be set. Hello, First of all: I installed and tested the cpudyn program, to automatically adapt the CPU speed according to the processor load.

airo: use is_zero_ether_addr() and is_broadcast_ether_addr() [Linux 3.7]

This patch is useful to me, as it allows me to test the internal wireless card, with a single access xiro, whose wired interface is connected to the wired interface of ilnux laptop.

The reason of this is that I tried to improve its stability. I found several consecutive partitions, that I extracted into six distinct files:. Although the new disk is a 60GB one, and the previous one is a 80GB, the restore process works ljnux, and provides back the same stuff than the one that was previously available. I removed all the crap except the minimal DOS stuff. So if you have a Mbps ethernet switch, your link will probably be detected at Mbps half-duplex, even if the switch can do full duplex.