Googling led me to your post on Serve which led me to here. I noticed that strange behavior on an IBM controller. First — see if megarec can see the device.. The first one is already setup but we have just plugged a disk bays on the second card. Unplugging and pluging back a disk from an array doesn’t make the controller rebuild the array with that disk. Anything stated here within are speaking only for myself and for no other person or entity. Powered by Trac 1.

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These settings do not affect the read-ahead policy. A complete documentation is attached as PDF here: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: To me its not functional. Or should I just give up on using this controller and buy a normal HBA? The cache policies are as follows:. Let’s check if we have one and if it’s working fine:.


I used 2 USB sticks. The disk drive identified as! All theses card can be used with stock Linux kernel which includes a working driver. While in all of these cases you can use single-disk RAID0 logical volumes, doing so adds a lot of extra steps 2280 in many of my systems it offers no gain. However, I already did this for you.


Anything stated here within are speaking only for myself and for no other person or entity. From what I can see after searching online, there is no “IT Mode” to flash for this chipset.

Huawei V2 and V3 Server RAID Controller Card User Guide 28

Windows detected them all no problem. Please note you need a recent version of smartmontools. It’s the standard nagios expected return code.

It seems ADRA is deprecated, current megacli binary doesn’t offer this option anymore. BIOS upgrade from a Linux system.


The controller will now recognise the disk as being a “foreign” one. I am not liable for how quickly the -CfgLdDel command obliterates any existing logical volume configuration, proceed at your own risk.

lzi If you are just looking for a higher performance, greater queue depth initiator to access your disks vs using the onboard SATA controller then the JBOD mode is a perfect replacement without additional complexity.

We can see that Physical Disk: This page has information which is not substantiated, and certainly not supported by any vendors mentioned on this page.

I will warn that doing these steps with any data in place will absolutely lead to data destruction. Even Ubuntu is listed in the wikipage, LSI card upgrade is not supported. No, I never resolved it unfortunately. I spent an hour trying to navigate the BIOS over remote console via the Intel Remote Management Module…but it was absolutely painful and the only thing that worked was using the wizard, which created undesirable configurations.


However, please that most of old distributions won’t have this driver. The first one is already setup but we have just sass a das bays on the second card.

Flashing LSI with IT firmware to use as an HBA – My Wired House

With this option, readahead will only be enabled if the controller receive several access to sequencial sectors. Until arrays are healthy again a reminder will be sent each 2 hours. It will however boot if I disconnect the backplane. Has anybody had any luck with this card? And I was just about to have a shot with your receipt, but would like to hear from your feedback before doing so.